22-24 MAY 2018


Xbox One X: The actual best video game console of Microsoft

Xbox One X: The actual best video game console of Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox One X console, formerly known as Project Scorpio, which is presented as the most powerful ever created; a console to play native 4K on state-of-the-art TVs with a power Graphic superior to any other machine for the salon, with launch date for the 7 of November of this year by a price of 499 euros and that will come sponsored by games like Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, Sea of ​​Thieves, etc.

Microsoft has created a console focused on offering 4K ultra high-definition graphics and is capable of improving performance in games of past generations. So, in the same way that all Xbox One accessories will be compatible with Xbox One X, so will the entire Xbox One catalog, those Xbox 360 titles that are backwards compatible and, to the surprise of many, also some of the Original Xbox.

Features of the Xbox One X console

The new Microsoft console has technical specifications superior to those of its competitor PlayStation 4 Pro, like a central processor of eight cores x86 to 2.3GHz, a customized graphic processor with 40 units of computation to 1172MHz and that reaches the Promised six teraflops, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, a faster 1TB and 2.5 “hard drive and UHD Blu-ray player that lets you watch movies in 4K.

With the goal that this ambitious configuration does not end up overheating the console due to its small design, Microsoft has opted for a cooling system that until now had not been seen in console: a heat sink with a steam chamber similar to the one Uses in advanced graphic cards like the GTX 1080, and that besides a system that optimizes the energy that receives each chip.

The first game of Xbox One X that has been shown has been Forza Motosport 7, the new delivery of this acclaimed series of driving simulators. The game runs at 4K native resolution will go on sale next October 3 and is undoubtedly the great standard of the new machine as one of the titles that test the specifications of the machine.

Among the other games is a large selection of multiplatform titles, such as the ambitious futuristic action game Anthem, the new Assassin’s Creed: Origins or Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which will take advantage of the greater performance of the machine to offer a higher performance. There have also been considerable selections of independent games, such as the stylized The Last Night or the expected Cup head, which after years of waiting will arrive this September.

Microsoft has made an effort to tidy up its machine; more than 30 existing games such as Gears of War 4 or Final Fantasy XV will receive free updates in November to squeeze the potential of Xbox One X.

Native 4K goes through the eyes watching any of your moving titles on such a screen. All games that go out for Xbox will be compatible with all models; the difference will be in the performance they offer and the graphic quality.