21-23 MAY 2019


Virtual reality: Tomorrow’s technology within reach today

Virtual reality: Tomorrow’s technology within reach today

Thanks to the constant and amazing technological advance, we are in a world where technology makes life easier for everyone. Whether by using Smartphones or computers, every day we are part of a technological world that grows faster and faster.

That is the case of VR, a reality that is present today in various ways and allows us to immerse ourselves in scenes and situations that are not real, allowing us to control the virtual environment with a specific purpose.

What is virtual reality?

The VR or virtual reality could be defined as a computer system where the user through the use of glass or virtual reality helmets can enter and have the feeling of being inside the computer system, allowing you to interact with the elements present in this artificial world.

Virtual reality can be presented in an immersive way, giving users the sensation of disappearing from the real world, with a complete view of the virtual or semi-immersive environment, such as video games and 3D movies. The interaction is performed between humans and machines, where a person or a group of people can connect to the same virtual environment interacting with each other.

Virtual reality has its most important uses in trainings for pilots of airplanes, astronauts and military, besides being used in medical education, where future doctors can simulate an operation in a virtual world. Another use of VR is found in museums and art galleries, where the impossible is possible and the interaction with the elements is more entertaining and personalized.

As a consequence of technological advances, virtual reality is constantly updated and is reaching more users, being found in cinemas and video game platforms; some malls have virtual reality machines where you can enjoy this leisure experience.

The virtual reality linked to the use of the Smartphone

The Virtual reality has reached even the smartphone world, with new technologies and implementations that allows the smartphones to have movement sensors and compasses that follow movements made by users, showing on their screens the results obtained. This fact linked to the use of virtual reality glass achieves a total immersion of users to the environment created in their phones.

Currently Smartphones with operating systems such as Android or iOS, have applications and games designed to create a virtual world where users can interact with the elements that form and move around that world.

Although through virtual reality you can create experiences of all kinds, playing with physics and gravity. What makes it more real is the simulation of environments most similar to the real ones where the users have the objective of carrying out activities of real life as is learning to drive or expensive training, that through the VR would be cheaper and safer.

This technology has been studied for years and previously we have seen it in science fiction films where it seems to be something from another world. But virtual reality is present in today’s world and is growing on an exponential form, achieving every day advances that are presented in front of us to overcome obstacles, becoming the new age of entertainment and training systems for people.