22-24 MAY 2018


PaperLab: the printer that recycles and supports new paper

PaperLab: the printer that recycles and supports new paper

The manufacture of recycled paper, despite being more environmentally friendly, generates a number of environmental impacts related to water use and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Reducing these aspects will make the paper more environmentally friendly. The recovery of the paper already used, to convert it to new, is complex, not by the process itself, but by the system of transport of the raw material to a paper factory.

Epson, a technology leader and innovator worldwide, will revolutionize paper production with its PaperLab system, a printer that recycles used paper to create new sheets. PaperLab allows recycling of waste paper in the office through a dry process, creating an ‘ecosystem’ that reduces CO2 emissions; Increases savings in waste collection logistics; Ensures the safe disposal of confidential documents, and saves water, as it avoids using the large volumes required in traditional recycling processes.

It is the world’s first compact machine to recycle paper without water. Used paper will have a new life with innovative technology that can produce different sizes and thickness of paper.

How PaperLab Works

Epson does not give too much detail about the process that takes place within PaperLab, as the additional elements that are needed to make up the new paper, but it does tell us about its ability to create.

First, the paper, deposited in a special container, disintegrates until there are long; very thin fibers, similar to cotton. It is in this step where all documents are destroyed, which makes PaperLab ideal for getting rid of confidential papers.

The next step is union. A special adhesive is used to clean the ink from the used paper and then binders are added to form a new paper pulp. In addition, different chemical processes can be produced depending on whether we want to bleach the paper, add some color or even fragrance.

Finally, we would only have PaperLab generate the sheets according to the thickness and size we have selected.

The system avoids transporting waste paper to a recycling plant. The system will bring a reduction of costs for the companies and a help for the environment and the contamination. PaperLab wants to revolutionize the way offices uses paper and with this system you will get benefits like reducing expenses on new paper. It manufactures 6,720 units for normal working hours, but everything will change depending on the type of paper we want to get, with different thicknesses, colors and even smell to impregnate business cards. It also reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by not needing to transport recycled paper to a new paper mill.

With the launch of PaperLab, Epson reinforces its commitment to the development of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies designed to transform workplace habits and practices. The brand has already made great strides towards reducing the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing processes, achieving a 43% reduction in CO2, a 33% decrease in waste production and a 55% reduction in consumption during fiscal year 2015.