15-17 SEPT
1. Organizing company

NEXT BUSINESS EXHIBITIONS S.L. (hereinafter referred to as NEBEXT) with address at Calle Benet Mateu 40 – 08034 Barcelona and holder of the Tax Identification Number B-87396818 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”), is the company organizing the event (in thereafter, the “Event”).

2. General information

This Agreement shall not be deemed to have been entered between You and the Organizer unless the Organizer recognizes your purchase order by sending you an email to confirm your registration in the Event. In this regard, acceptance shall be deemed to be valid for all purposes as of the time of receipt of the confirmation email sent by the Organizer.
Said confirmation email will include a link to the present General Terms and Conditions for Visitors, which may be amended from time to time.
Prices for products and services available at the Event shall be as indicated at the time of purchase on the website of the Event.
The Organizer reserves the right to change or modify said prices at any time without notice.

3. Data protection

The Organizer fulfils all privacy requirements set forth by applicable regulations. You may consult the Organizer’s Privacy Policy in the following link:

4. Responsibilities

The Organizer may not be held responsible for any errors and/or omissions, and reserves the right to modify the information, specifications and description of the services listed.
The Organizer undertakes to correct any errors and/or omissions as soon as possible after being informed of their existence.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Organizer offers its Website and its content “as is” and does not grant any express and/or implicit guarantees in connection with said Website and/or the information held in it, including, without limitation, commercial guarantees and suitability for a specific purpose.
Furthermore, the Organizer does not represent or guarantee that the information accessed through this Website is correct, complete or up-to-date.
The Organizer will accept no responsibility for any consequential damages and/or loss of profit, loss or damage in the property and/or loss resulting from claims filed by third parties in connection with the web pages of the Organizer and/or with any other services rendered to said third parties.

5. Cancellation or change of tickets

The holding of conferences during the Event is conditional upon the number of visitors expected. For this reason, once the tickets for a certain conference or congress date have been purchased, you may neither cancel said purchase nor be entitled to the reimbursement of any amounts made.

In the cases of cancellation of the Event due to force majeure and/or in the cases in which the cancellation of the event is imputable to NEBEXT, the latter will proceed to refund the amount of the accreditation, upon request of the User. In any case, NEBEXT is only obliged to reimburse the amount paid by the User as an accreditation, without, in any case, the aforementioned refund including other cancellation expenses such as transportation, accommodation, subsistence allowance, etc …

The illegal resale of a ticket or the attempted illegal resale constitutes sufficient cause for the cancellation of such ticket without the right to reimbursement or any other type of compensation. NEBEXT will be exempt from any claim related to possible direct and/or indirect expenses that such cancellation may originate from the User, such as the cost of accreditation, transport costs, accommodation, subsistence allowances, etc. being the same in full charge of the latter.

Tickets may be used neither for advertising, commercial or promotional purposes nor for games, contests or gambling activities without the express and reliable authorization of the Organizer.

The Organizer may change the date and/or place of the Event for organizational, technical or other justifiable reasons. The Organizer undertakes to communicate any such changes to the Visitors as soon as possible in order to reduce any inconveniences. Said communication will be made to the Visitor at the email address written on the registration form.

The impossibility to attend the Event or any mistakes made when purchasing the tickets (for instance, writing your email address incorrectly during the purchase process) are not grounds for reimbursement of the ticket price.

You are not entitled to request any reimbursement of the ticket price unless the Event is cancelled.

You may not cancel and/or terminate this agreement once the purchase has been completed.

If You wish to change your ticket for another ticket of the same or higher price, You must contact the Organizer in The Organizer will examine the feasibility of the change you are proposing.

6. Assignment of image rights of the Visitors

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Visitor assigns to the Organizer a license to use its personal image on the Organizer’s web pages and social networks, as well as in press releases, with promotional and advertising purposes.
Said license includes the right to reproduce, distribute, communicate publicly, make available and transform the photographs made by the Organizer during the Event in any format or medium online or offline, including, without limitation, the Internet, social networks, photographs, videos, computer programs, drawings, publications and electronic media.
The Visitor hereby grants this worldwide license to the Organizer free of charge, for the maximum period permitted and without any restrictions and/or reservations whatsoever.
By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, You hold the Organizer harmless against any liabilities for damages connected with the use of your image.
Under the provisions of Organic Law 1/1982, on the civil protection of the right to honour, family privacy and personal image, the consent granted by accepting these General Terms and Conditions may be revoked at any time.

7. Right of admission

Only business owners and/or professional will be admitted to the Event. However, under special circumstances, the Organizer may allow the entrance of students and/or university personnel who fulfil the requirements established by the Organizer.
The Organizer reserves the right to admit to the Event any persons who do not fulfil the requirements for professional registration.

8. Links to websites

The Web page may include links to web pages of third-party companies and entities.
The Organizer may not be held responsible for the way in which said companies deal with privacy and personal data protection. Therefore, we recommend that you read the privacy policy statements included on web pages not owned by the Organizer for more information about personal data use, processing and protection, as the terms and conditions offered on said pages may differ from those offered by the Organizer.

9. Amendments

The information appearing on the Website is current as of the date of its most recent update. The Organizer reserves to right to update, amend and/or eliminate any information included on this Website.
The Organizer reserves the right to amend unilaterally these General Terms and Conditions, its Privacy Policy and any other relevant information. Any amendments to the present General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force as of the time of publication thereof on the Website.

10. Language

The Organizer may translate these General Terms and Conditions, its Privacy Policy and/or any other operational rules or policies published on the Website. In the event of a conflict, the Spanish version shall prevail.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law.
Any controversy as to the interpretation, performance and/or validity of the present General Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.