22-24 MAY 2018


Essential Phone: The first Smartphone of Android creator´s

Essential Phone: The first Smartphone of Android creator´s

Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android, decided to set up his own company not long ago with a single goal: to create the perfect phone. The manager has already presented the first details of the Essential Phone, the first phone of the company that comes with a list of features that little else can be asked. Firstly because the terminal has a screen that goes from edge to edge, with a peculiar design that surrounds the front camera, rounded corners and with modularity as a characteristic feature, something that other manufacturers have tried without much success. This means that the basic phone can be extended by means of a magnetic anchoring system that allows you to add, for example, a 360-degree camera, a case with more battery and other gadgets.

Essential Phone features

Similar in appearance to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the Essential Phone bets on a big screen and very narrow frames. Specifically, its large LTPS display has 5.71 inches with Quad HD resolution in 19:10 format (2560 x 1312 pixels)

The body is made of ceramic and titanium, a material that presumes to better resist blows and falls compared to materials such as aluminum, present in most flagship terminals on the market. Internally we will find a Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and a battery of 3,040 mAh. Worst if there is something that catches the eye are two small magnetic contacts that will connect extra accessories, such as a curious 12 megapixel 360 camera capable of recording UHD video at 30 frames per second.

The rear camera will be dual, mounting a color sensor and another monochrome, a combination like the P9 and P10 of Huawei. We can obtain black and white images as well as make full color photos with a very wide dynamic range thanks to the combination of the images of both sensors.

The accessories are one of the highlights of the first model of the company of Rubin. This 360-degree camera has been defined by Essential as “the smallest in the world” and is incorporated into the smartphone through a magnetic attachment. Another Essential Phone accessory is a wireless dock for battery charging, although it retains a USB-C port.

The phone will not have a headphone port, although an adapter will be included so we can use our headset and it will be available in four different colors

In addition, Essential Phone presents the curious feature of not having brand logos anywhere on its surface. The company claims that the fact of having manufactured it does not mean that the user has to be forced to announce this fact to the whole world.

The starting price is $ 699 (about 627 euros), although there is a special offer by which it will be possible to acquire this smartphone and a dual camera 360º for 749 dollars (673 euros). Unfortunately, there is no approximate date of when the shipments will be made or when it will be available in stores, so the reservation would be accompanied by a certain mystery.