18-20 MAY 2021


VR/AR Tech Series

Leverage from the virtual to empower reality


Virtual and Augmented Reality based tech solutions are becoming more and more popular in Manufacturing, Health, Retail, Entertainment and many more sectors. It has already proven to have the power to create unforgettable customer experiences, as a core of innovative marketing or advertising campaigns. The impact VR and AR technologies had in Health and Manufacturing sectors are impressive and show possibilities of these technologies in the future.

The technology of the generation

Virtual and Augmented Reality is rapidly growing, with incredible predictions for growth in the upcoming years.

  • AR/VR industry is expected to be worth $209 billion by 2022
  • AR was enabled on more than 500 million mobile devices in 2018, with the number constantly growing
  • Over one billion people will regularly access VR and AR content by 2020.

VR/AR Tech Series is held on Thursday, May 23. The access is granted for Business, Premium VIP and Honour Pass holders.

Join VR/AR experts at #DES2019

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl

Futurist, VR/AR Influencer

Enterprise Marketing, Magic Leap

Alex	Gibson

Alex Gibson

TU Dublin Advisor AR & VR

Tech Ireland

Christian Rouffaer

Christian Rouffaer

Head of the Virtual Reality Unit

International Committee of the Red Cross

Amy Peck

Amy Peck

Founder & CEO


Carlos Ochoa

Carlos Ochoa


The VRARA Madrid Chapter


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