22-24 MAY 2018


DES Madrid: Global Robot Expo 2017

DES Madrid: Global Robot Expo 2017

Between February 2 and 4, 2017, the Global Robot Expo 2017, international technology fair, robotics, intelligent systems and innovation will be held in the Glass Pavilion of the Madrid country house; for the second consecutive year The World new projects and ideas that help improve the quality of life for all.

Among the innovations seen in the Global Robot Expo 2017, attendees have been able to interact with the robots that walked the same as the one on the stands, have discovered new devices to make life easier, both for the home and for Health Have tried food printed in 3D and have even seen drones flying in the space enabled, among other activities.

What’s New in the Global Robot Expo 2017?

Robots: the android type with human form, with response and expression more and more close to a person, the amazing RoboThespian, of somewhat human size and appearance and his colleague SociBot, a bust with incredible facial details. Beyond the visible part, behind there is a platform that the ease that the social robot of the sea, speak and respond in natural language, with phrases and intonation of great quality, adapted to the conversation with people. Their attitudes are backed by a project with more than 6 years of development and currently in its fourth generation. Both models are oriented either to communicate or entertain and adapt to show up as man or woman without difficulty.

Drones: in this section, a great variety of formats, sizes and uses. Experience in drone handling has a somewhat unexpected field of application. This is the case with the Aero Media Company that not only manufactures various robot models and robotic systems, has also been able to adapt it to the visualization ofsporting events and inspection of pipes, electric towers and wind turbines. Its Movie Drone model is able to load about 11 kg of weight thanks to its 8 motors distributed in four arms. And to the stability of image, thanks to its stabilized support, to the ease of transport, since it folds and occupies a reduced space. At the bottom is able to transport a well stabilized and remote control camera.

Even more impressive is the wood-based model for forest fire-fighting and agricultural operations of the Drone-Hopper, which model with electric drive is capable of transporting about 145 liters of water, while they are preparing a model with internal combustion engines with capacity for Carry up to 300 liters.

Industry 4.0: In this section several models check the capabilities of mechanics and autonomous elements to move loads accurately. Robotic arms, capable of performing repetitive tasks, but also currently adapting to their environment and working conditions, are one of the classic elements in the industry. The Global Robot Expo 2017 shows some systems oriented to urban cleaning. It’s Robot A1A3, an innovative road cleaning cart, developed by the Malaga Company Urban Clouds in collaboration with Arelance, responsible for the navigation system. It is a robotized cleaning trolley, able to keep pace with racing mating sensors on the broom. As soon as the worker is detected moving away, the cart automatically starts to follow him, dodging obstacles as well as the people in his path.

3D printers: also had a global range in the Global Robot Expo 2017. So surprising the offer of the manufacturer WASP, both for its large format model, and for the variety of materials with which they work in its range of more traditional format. This manufacturer achieves the pieces of ceramic with 3D printing, which facilitates the generation of mock-ups and decorative objects of great realism and quality. Wasp works with a variety of amazing materials, and his forte is researching how to use new components and create the technology to work with them.