21-23 MAY 2019


Masterminds Congress

Masterminds Congress

Masterminds Congress brings together inspiring speakers, global influencers and authorities, who discuss different roles, industries and technologies from the current digital revolution perspective. Masterminds Congress, a heart of Digital Business World Congress, consists of 3 Keynotes, 3 Digital Titans, 3 Supersessions and 9 Vertical Forums; being an ideal forum for executive leaders who want to understand the digital economy and new business models, to increase their leadership and learn how to succesfully implement digital strategies in their organizations.


Check the agenda scheme here.


“Cognitive systems are going to make us superhumans. I can’t think of any profession or any industry that will not be impacted by cognitive systems and that will redefine the new standard offer.”

Jesus Mantas
Managing Partner and General Manager, IBM Business Consulting


Vertical Forums

  • Cities & Public Sector
    Cities & Public Sector
  • Retail & eCommerce
    Retail & eCommerce
  • Industry 4.0
    Industry 4.0
  • Energy & Utilities
    Energy & Utilities
  • Pharma & Life Sciences
    Pharma & Life Sciences
  • Urban Mobility
    Urban Mobility
  • Banking & Insurance
    Banking & Insurance
  • Telco, Media & Entertainment
    Telco, Media & Entertainment
  • Tourism & Hospitality
    Tourism & Hospitality