21-23 MAY 2019


Digital Marketing Planet

Digital Marketing Planet

Digital marketing is a set of integrated techniques and technologies that enable marketers to create new products and services, cementing their advantages in providing value to their costumers.

Just agile and innovative companies will capitalize correctly all the opportunities that the new set of tools offer to marketing teams, so that they can properly understand customer’s preferences, needs and new expectations.

If you want to improve your customer experience, stay relevant and enhance your user experience, to understand which are the processes needed to target your customers more easily and even enter new markets. Get in touch with people who are influencers, he experts and the ones who master this new online marketing era.

Join our special sessions dedicated to:

– CMO Challenges
– Content Marketing
– Growth Marketing
– Digital Partnerships
– MarTech


“We need to be aware of (…) amazing new tactics, platforms and technologies that we should embrace.”

Tom Goodwin,
EVP, Head of Innovation, Zenith Media