21-23 MAY 2019


Digital Business World Congress

Digital Business World Congress

This year at Digital Business World Congress we will host 450 international speakers, who will present success stories, new business models, discuss leadership issues and digital strategies implementation. In total, Digital Business World Congress means 240 hours talks divided by:

Masterminds Congress: 3 keynotes, 6 Digital Titans, 9 Industry Forums, focused on the impact of technology by industry, such as Insurance, Banking, Retail, Automotive, Cities, Tourism, Telco, among many others.

Organization and Role Summits: Leadership Summit, CDO Summit, CIO Summit, HR Summit, CMO Summit, Public Administration Summit.

Tech Series: The AInomics, Cloud Series, IoT Series, Big Data Series, Blockchain Series and Cybersecurity Series.

Digital Marketing Planet: CMO priorities, Content Marketing, MarTech, Lead&Grow Generation, etc.

Masterminds Congress

Masterminds Congress brings together inspiring speakers, global influencers and authorities, who discuss different roles, industries, and technologies from the current digital revolution perspective. Masterminds Congress, a heart of Digital Business World Congress, consists of 3 Keynotes, 3 Digital Titans, 3 Supersessions and 9 Vertical Forums; being an ideal forum for executive leaders who want to understand the digital economy and new business models, to increase their leadership and learn how to successfully implement digital strategies in their organizations. Discover our Vertical Forums:

Cities & Public Sector Cities & Public Sector
Retail & eCommerce Retail & eCommerce
Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0
Energy & Utilities Energy & Utilities
Tourism & Hospitality Tourism & Hospitality
Pharma & Life Sciences Pharma & Life Sciences
Urban Mobility Urban Mobility
Banking & Insurance Banking & Insurance
Telco, Media & Entertainment Telco, Media & Entertainment


Tech Series

Discover how Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data or Cybersecurity, among others, are changing the fundaments of business nowadays.

C-level Agenda

Leadership Summit

An international meeting of business and political leaders, presidents and CEOs with the European Commissioner for Economy and Digital Society. Altogether, we aim to promote digitization of SMEs, large corporations and public administrations with specific digital solutions for any industry.

CDO Summit

CDOs are compensating the lack of digital knowledge among CEOs. Hence, they are becoming transformation leaders, not just focusing on transforming their organizations, but in building out new business models to satisfy today’s customer demands.

CIO Summit powered by CXOTalk

Innovation and disruption are the words business leaders hear more and more often. In the midst of the digital revolution, where different technologies facilitate and force transformation, CIOs face the challenge of leading their organizations by delivering innovative use of IT.

HR Summit

What is the role of HR in Digital Transformation? How does Employer Branding work in the digital environment? Which are indispensable skills, roles, and profiles in the 21st century? How to implement a successful Social Network? Discover how your HR department will change in the following years.

Modernización de las AAPP Españolas

The digital transformation of government is a key element to the success of the European Single Market; helping to remove existing digital barriers and preventing further fragmentation arising in the context of the modernization of public administrations.


 Digital Marketing Planet

Do you want to improve your customer experience, stay relevant and enhance your user experience, to understand which are the processes needed to target your customers more easily and even enter new markets? Join Digital Marketing Planet and learn from the world’s best digital leaders, marketing influencers, and the ones who master this new online marketing era. Join our special sessions dedicated to:

– CMO Challenges
– Content Marketing
– Growth Marketing
– Digital Partnerships
– MarTech

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