22-24 MAY 2018


Cities & Governments with a real impact in Society

Cities & Governments with a real impact in Society

If you are looking for real inspirations on digital you must attend DES2017|Digital Business World Congress. We have an impressive lineup of speakers from all around the globe who will share their success stories on transforming Cities & Countries leveraging from the available technology and without wasting money.

We will discover the reasons behind the City of Los Angeles data strategy – why, amongst various issues, Mayor Eric Garcetti mandated to rethink any legal, privacy or security concern to make all the City of Los Angeles data openly available. Listening to Lilian P.Coral we will understand the City’s commitment to fostering a data-driven culture of innovation and excellence and empowering citizens to be more deeply involved with their government, while learning how did they put data to work for the residents and businesses.


In Madrid, you will also have the chance to explore UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India – and how they are transforming the entire country with a clear vision: to empower residents of India with a unique identity and a digital platform to authenticate anytime, anywhere. An amazing use case of technology to build an inclusive nation, to strive towards excellence in services for residents. I must recognize that I’ve been in India a couple of times and that I’m very excited with the opportunity of hearing to their CEO – Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey – how do they encourage innovation, provide a platform for public and private agencies to develop Aadhaar linked applications, make it attractive for the best global expertise to collaborate and provide valuable insights to them.


Obviously, these are just a couple of examples, but in the coming weeks we will continue disclosing more inspirations that will force you to fly down to Madrid from May the 23rd to the 25th. As you might know, if you are following my posts, this year DES| Digital Business World Congress will cover 12 industries, as part of our unique holistic approach to Digital.