23-25 MAY 2017



Innovation and Transformation Are NOT Synonyms

There’s a lot of buzz these days surrounding the terms innovation and transformation, especially in the digital realm. But while some use the terms interchangeably, they are actually quite different—and not just in a matter of degree. An innovation refers to rethinking or reimagining something that already exists. The shift from iPad to iPad Mini—an…

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Cities & Governments with a real impact in Society

If you are looking for real inspirations on digital you must attend DES2017|Digital Business World Congress. We have an impressive lineup of speakers from all around the globe who will share their success stories on transforming Cities & Countries leveraging from the available technology and without wasting money. We will discover the reasons behind the…

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Make Shadow IT a Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Shadow IT defines any technical concerns that fall outside the realm of your organization’s standard technologies, such as software and devices. It is often implemented without company approval or subsequent control—but that doesn’t mean you should look the other way. Despite the concerns we’ve seen countless times over the past few years, shadow IT is…

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Nespresso is the Apple of the coffee

Setting the scene. Nespresso, part of the Nestlé Global Group based in Switzerland, is by far my favourite coffee brand. Like many industries, the coffee industry has changed over the last years. Single-cup coffee brewing is on the rise, and Nestlé holds almost 30% of the global brewing market systems. Nespresso was founded in 1987,…

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Quantum computers

The reality of quantum computers

Quantum computers are being named these days for making great strides in its development and is probably not knowing much about quantum computers and what it represents for the future of computing and computer systems. Quantum computers set aside the logical systems used by today’s computer systems and use the atom states model to perform their…

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The digital revolution: problem or solution?

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics began with an idyllic depiction of rural Britain. Five years later, that scene stills captures a desire felt by much of society today for a simpler time. We’re constantly barraged by demands for our time and attention, and much of that comes from digital technology, giving big…

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The ‘Digital’ Transformation = Put the Customer at the Heart, See People as the Soul and Value Digital as the Oxygen Of Your Organisation

What defines us, what we need to live, our heart, our soul and oxygen, can be mapped by how we view business and organisations. The same three pillars form the foundation for your business: put the customer at the heart, see digital as the oxygen and value people as the soul. These need to go…

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Mobile networks at 5G speed

Although there are currently many for which the 4G is still a distant dream manufacturers and operators are already looking beyond. The up to 300 Mbps downtime offered to us today 4G networks seem not to be sufficient for future demands and the industry is already preparing the new leap, the arrival of 5G. But…

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Artificial intelligence

Influence of artificial intelligence in the future

Artificial intelligence is a branch of current knowledge, linked to computer science that positively and negatively affects all members of society. Rapid technological advances have allowed man to perform in a more efficient way, and it is this efficiency that has, to a great extent, produced a profound transformation of the instrumentation of society, and…

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IoT: The Digital Transformation Driver

Remember how the Internet transformed everything in our lives, from how we work to how we communicate? That’s nothing compared to the ways the Internet of Things (IoT) stands to revolutionize everything we’ve ever known about business, management, marketing, industry—and everything in between. It’s been said the disruptions caused by IoT will exceed those caused…

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