21-23 MAY 2019



What is an AdExchange and how advertisers use it?

What is an AdExchange and how advertisers use it?

The AdExchange is the ecosystem in which the magic of programmatic advertising takes place, very much in vogue in recent years due to its effectiveness in impacting clients with the targeted ads based on their interests. AdExchange: a definition More specifically, we define the AdExchange as a digital marketplace of advertisers and media. The actors…

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Creativity and marketing automation

Creativity and marketing automation | the key to succeed

Marketing automation is developing fast and clearly, has come to stay. That is why we would like to inspire you with different tips in order to set a successful series of marketing campaigns. Before starting, remember that marketing is not about selling anymore, it is about embracing your community, the one that loves you and, therefore, the…

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The impact of #DES2018 on Twitter

The third edition of Digital Enterprise Show (DES) took place from May 22 to 24, at IFEMA Madrid. The international congress focused on digital business and transformation turned out to be very successful on social networks, with over 11,000 tweets and 3,500 Twitter participants. The repercussion across the social networks was gathered and analysed by…

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smart cities

When could we see the first smart cities?

In fact, smart cities already exist. Although their degree of intelligence is not what written Science Fiction or cinema predicted. In any case, there are cities capable of managing some of their services practically independent of man. The human being need to give a new orientation to its way of living. An orientation that points…

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email marketing trends

Email marketing trends that will help you to increase your billing

If quality, relevance and automation do not fall within your email marketing strategy for next year, be prepared for 2019 to be somewhat frustrating and with few and not very good results. Or pay attention to our list of Email marketing trends and start increasing your billing. Use blocked content to increase the list of contacts…

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digital coins

Top 7 digital coins you must invest in

There is a significant offer of cryptocurrencies or digital coins. Since the Bitcoin was born back in 2009, many other similar virtual currencies have not stopped appearing on the market. Each of those digital coins has their specific characteristics and protocols. Digital coins you should consider for investment Bitcoin Without a doubt, Bitcoin is one of…

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4 things that use the Internet and you didn’t imagine

We have said that the Internet has changed our lives so many times that it has become a cliché. In fact, the internet is so old now that there are already two generations of people who do not know the world without it. But is the Internet as widespread as it seems? Does it affect everything, as we usually say? …

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quantum computing

What is quantum computing and how does it work?

Quantum computing is a paradigm of computing different from the one that rules classical computing. It is based on the use of qubits instead of bits and gives rise to new logical gates that make possible new algorithms. The basic states of qbit: the amount of information A qubit is a quantum system with two eigenstates that we can manipulate arbitrarily. The qubit is the minimum unit and from…

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folding screen mobiles

What is the future of the folding screen mobiles and how is it possible

When talking about folding screen mobiles, we need to distinguish them from flexible mobiles.”Flexible” is the quality that allows an object or material to be “easily bent without breaking”.  “Folding” something implies closing the pieces of an articulated object.  Despite how fancy a double screen may look, there are some design defects that some experts tend…

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mobile games

Cybercriminals can convert black to white money with mobile games

Money laundering is a criminal activity that is now commonplace. Corrupt politicians, businessmen or scammers appear every day on television as money launderers. Money laundering consists of making funds or assets obtained through illicit activities legal. But surely you’ve never thought that these scammers can use mobile games or apps to launder money. Kromtech reveals how criminals use mobile…

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