22-24 MAY 2018




What will be the smartphone of the future?

In the early 1990s, mobile phones were little more than costly curiosity. Today many of us live surrounded by smartphones and technology evolves almost in front of our eyes. In 1983 the first model of mobile phone appeared in the market, was the Motorola DynaTAC and weighed 800 grams. It has been more than 20…

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Organizational Transformation in the Digital Age

The era of the functional organization of our lifetime is now experiencing a low hours path. The insolent emergence of the digital world into business has highlighted, among other issues, the obsolescence of the traditional model of functional organization based in silos. To show this, we need to think about how the organization of marketing…

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Innovation in the workplace

Innovation in the workplace means: To focus on why employees want to work versus only focusing on their needs. Changing the approach from utility to experience, from need to want. Having a wider view: Understanding that to  improve employee’s experience is not only a useful way to improve production. To “have a thing” for talent. Nowadays constant talent…

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HomePod: Apple’s Home assistant

Apple enters the world of home assistants with a new product that is added to their family; The HomePod, a small smart cylinder-shaped horn. The HomePod is the Apple version of the popular Amazon Echo, only that instead of Alexa works with Siri. To compete with the pioneering Amazon Echo smartphone speakers controlled by virtual…

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How Industry 4.0 Provides A Framework For Agile Strategy

Industry 4.0 provokes much discussion with little understanding. If you listen to the experts, strategic planning is dead – at least in the traditional sense. For years, strategic planning centered on defining and setting a concrete long-term strategy to meet the goals that would take our business to the next level. Yet as far back…

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Consultancy also goes digital

Despite the fact that we have reached the digital and automated era where bots and AI could be responsible for a new wave of social paradigm, some businesses or business areas are facing challenges when engaging in digitalization, and some are even failing to come with a digital version of the role they are currently playing…

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CYBECO: The project that is expected to prevent cyber attacks

Cybersecurity is increasingly one of the key, and still unresolved, issues for many, increasingly interconnected companies, institutions and administrations that handle large amounts of information. Recently the WannaCry ransomware attack was discovered, with which its creators hijacked more than 360,000 infected computers from 180 countries, requesting later a rescue for them, according to data from…

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Location Intelligence and Business Analytics, a key in the retail sector

Nowadays, many buzz words such as Big Data, Business Analytics or Machine Learning, are spread pretending to help companies in their daily tasks and issues. But how those solutions add real value to retail companies in their decision process? Being data wealthy For sure, having a large database is a first good and powerful tool…

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Collaborative robot

Collaborative robots

The rapid advancement of robotics will permanently change the world, just as the Internet has already done so. Nowadays, robots are a key element of Industry 4.0, providing answers, with new methods of production, to the main issues of our times. The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Production, The name varies internationally, but…

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Tech tats

Tech Tats: Tattoos that monitor people’s health

With technological advances come new applications to meet the needs of all and at the same time improve the quality of life. The American company Chaotic Moon goes one step further in the so-called wearable technology and presents some revolutionary temporary tattoos known as Tech Tats, which provide medical information in real time; this can…

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