22-24 MAY 2018



From traditional marketing to Growth Hacking. How to stand out with a low budget.

The Growth Hacking is fashionable. Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to develop Growth Hacking strategies to invest in the expensive and little segmented traditional marketing.   ¿What is Growth Hacking and the Growth Hackers? It can be said that Growth Hacking was born when a person had the idea to set up a fast food…

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business storytelling

Business storytelling | Communicate directly to your customer’s heart

Since we lived in caves, the way to transmit knowledge, history, beliefs and identity has been telling stories. Some of us read them, others watch them and others play them. Yes, the best rated video games have a solid history that sustains them. Business storytelling is no more than that: telling stories. Knowing how to…

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What are the benefits of implementing chatbots on my website?

Back in the 80s, science fiction introduced us to Mother, the central computer that advised the passengers of the Nostromo how to fight against the terrible xenomorph of the movie Alien, the eighth passenger. Mother was an artificial intelligence and also a chatbot. If chatbots are talking robots, how are chatbots and content marketing related? What…

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big data

Big Data | An immediate future in a very technological present

The term big data is used to describe the volume of data – that can be structured, unstructured or a mix of both – that a business receives on a daily basis. The importance of it derives not from the amount of data itself. What is really relevant is what organization do with such information….

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Could technology destroy humanity?

Transhumanism is a movement that modifies the human condition through technological devices incorporated in individuals, who are called cyborgs. The sole purpose is to improve human capabilities, both physically and intellectually. Cyborgs are defined as human beings. But are they really human? Their aptitudes are altered with the incorporation of the technological device, which means…

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What is the internal functioning of a blockchain?

A blockchain is a new way of transferring data. It’s encoding, more complex than the ones known up to now, allows this transfer to be much more secure. But, how will the blockchain affect us? What is a Blockchain A way to understand what it is, a blockchain is compared with the structure of a…

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  • April 27th, 2018

Your Data, your business

GDPR is coming and it will change your data management  Are you an European citizen? If the answer is yes, from May 25, you will have to give your irrefutable consent so that companies can use your data. Moreover, they will have to tell you what data they are using, how they are being treated,…

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smart home

Is building a smart home worth it?

Technology has advanced so far that building a smart home might be the solution to your long-term needs. But is it really worth it, aside from the hype? Let’s see.   What is a smart house? This is the most important question of all to answer. A smart house is basically a means of utilizing…

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customer experience

The difference between customer experience and user experience

You may have read up on customer experience and user experience and feel in the know on both counts. However, the difference between the two of them may not be so clear. Let us guide you through what separates customer experience from user experience.   User functions of user and customer experience Of course, the…

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benefits of 5g

What are the benefits of 5G?

5G is a whole lot more than just faster data access. It may even revolutionise the way we use mobile technology in the future. So, as 5G becomes more and more widespread, here are some benefits of 5G technology. Medical innovation This is one of the benefits of 5G that you might not be expecting….

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