22-24 MAY 2018


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    Digital Enterprise Show (DES2017) is the world’s leading event on Digital Transformation, held on 23-25 May, 2017 in Madrid. It is an annual exhibition and congress visited by over 18.000 C-level executives from 49 countries, who come to acquire the crucial knowledge, skills and solutions to shape their industries’ future. DES is a platform, where the synergy between knowledge and experience is achieved, where the new ways of making business, implementing new solutions and ideas arise. The innovation and disruption become the air, which DES visitors breathe for the three days of this international gathering.

    The vital part of DES, besides the Exhibition, which promises extensive lead generation and networking possibilities; is the Digital Business World Congress, with success stories, new business models, leadership and engagement strategies divided by 12 vertical forums focused on the impact of technology by industry, such as Banking, Retail, FMCG, Automotive, Cities, Tourism, Health, among many others.

Is building a smart home worth it?

Technology has advanced so far that building a smart home might be the solution to your long-term needs. But is it really worth it, aside from the hype? Let’s see.   What is a smart house? This is the most important question of all to answer. A smart house is basically a means of utilizing…

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The difference between customer experience and user experience

You may have read up on customer experience and user experience and feel in the know on both counts. However, the difference between the two of them may not be so clear. Let us guide you through what separates customer experience from user experience.   User functions of user and customer experience Of course, the…

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What are the benefits of 5G?

5G is a whole lot more than just faster data access. It may even revolutionise the way we use mobile technology in the future. So, as 5G becomes more and more widespread, here are some benefits of 5G technology. Medical innovation This is one of the benefits of 5G that you might not be expecting….

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Detect influencers in social networks and organizations

We can define an influencer as a person with a higher potential than average to influence the opinion or behavior of other people. Influencers in social media Applied to online communication, influencers in social media are key for brands, for their ability to prescribe their products and brand awareness. Having tools to detect them is…

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5 ways to enhance data security

After some high-profile scandals in recent months regarding security breaches of our data, you are right to be concerned about data security. It seems that every other day we read about our personal and business data being shared online. However, there are some ways we can limit the threat.   Data access restrictions This may…

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Why investing in customer experience is necessary

It might seem logical that a great customer experience should be one of the primary goals of a company. However, many businesses do not invest as much time into their customers as they should. So, let’s look closely at why it is so necessary. Profitability and customer experience Research has shown that the more a…

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Virtual reality and it’s future in companies

Virtual reality, whilst being a relatively new concept, will change the face of business forever. It is already being deployed in marketing and human resources. Where will it take us in the future? Let’s see how. Virtual reality as a computer replacement We know virtual reality in the gaming industry, thanks to Playstation VR and…

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Top 5 Essential Business Intelligence Tools For Companies

Business intelligence has become of paramount importance recently. More and more businesses are relying on intelligence tools in order to get a headstart in their market. Here we count down the top business intelligence tools for your company. Sisense Business Intelligence Platform This platform frequently tops the list of most popular and user friendly tools….

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The Banking Industry and their Challenges to Approach the Digital Roadmap

Digitalization is boosting the banking industry The banking industry is facing continuous changes nowadays. At a time when financial industry analysts are seriously debating if Amazon will get into banking, the banking market is in a state of flux when it comes to technology. The bank industry hasn’t got stuck when it comes to new…

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The influence of blockchain in society 4.0

Blockchain has been in the news on a constant basis recently, and it is mostly thanks to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, what other impact has Blockchain had on our society? Where will that leave us in the future? Freedom from the mainstream Many supporters of Blockchain have argued that it’s main impact stems from…

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