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    Digital Enterprise Show (DES2017) is the world’s leading event on Digital Transformation, held on 23-25 May, 2017 in Madrid. It is an annual exhibition and congress visited by over 18.000 C-level executives from 49 countries, who come to acquire the crucial knowledge, skills and solutions to shape their industries’ future. DES is a platform, where the synergy between knowledge and experience is achieved, where the new ways of making business, implementing new solutions and ideas arise. The innovation and disruption become the air, which DES visitors breathe for the three days of this international gathering.

    The vital part of DES, besides the Exhibition, which promises extensive lead generation and networking possibilities; is the Digital Business World Congress, with success stories, new business models, leadership and engagement strategies divided by 12 vertical forums focused on the impact of technology by industry, such as Banking, Retail, FMCG, Automotive, Cities, Tourism, Health, among many others.

2 key benefits of data analytics for your business strategy

Many times companies suffer from inefficiency in their internal processes. This tend to reflect on the projects they carry out. Both for themselves or for their clients.  Most of the time the reason for this is not that they work with wrong reports, but because, the questions they refer to are not the correct ones. Information, internal…

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5 must-know facts about the new GDPR

The new GDPR is a law that has been issued to protect the rights of European Union citizens. Therefore, it is mandatory for any company that deals with European citizens’ data. Regardless of the nationality of the company. That means that companies like Amazon or Facebook must also comply with the new GDPR. Main key points that you should keep…

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5 ways blockchain could change the world

Although blockchain has usually been associated with cryptocurrencies,   this system has a future beyond the economy. Any area could be transformed by this technology, as its versatility is changing the way we understand business and society. 1.-  Smart contracts One of its potential applications is in the so-called smart contracts area. Blockchain will allow agreements to…

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How to improve the consumer experience with new technologies

Consumer experience was a concept that used to be considered a trend more than something to be taken care of. This has changed dramatically once we´ve had the opportunity to check that the actual experience at the sales point is key to making a real purchase. Technology implementations that affect the consumer experience When we…

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From traditional marketing to Growth Hacking. How to stand out with a low budget.

The Growth Hacking is fashionable. Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to develop Growth Hacking strategies to invest in the expensive and little segmented traditional marketing.   ¿What is Growth Hacking and the Growth Hackers? It can be said that Growth Hacking was born when a person had the idea to set up a fast food…

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Business storytelling | Communicate directly to your customer’s heart

Since we lived in caves, the way to transmit knowledge, history, beliefs and identity has been telling stories. Some of us read them, others watch them and others play them. Yes, the best rated video games have a solid history that sustains them. Business storytelling is no more than that: telling stories. Knowing how to…

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What are the benefits of implementing chatbots on my website?

Back in the 80s, science fiction introduced us to Mother, the central computer that advised the passengers of the Nostromo how to fight against the terrible xenomorph of the movie Alien, the eighth passenger. Mother was an artificial intelligence and also a chatbot. If chatbots are talking robots, how are chatbots and content marketing related? What…

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Big Data | An immediate future in a very technological present

The term big data is used to describe the volume of data – that can be structured, unstructured or a mix of both – that a business receives on a daily basis. The importance of it derives not from the amount of data itself. What is really relevant is what organization do with such information….

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Could technology destroy humanity?

Transhumanism is a movement that modifies the human condition through technological devices incorporated in individuals, who are called cyborgs. The sole purpose is to improve human capabilities, both physically and intellectually. Cyborgs are defined as human beings. But are they really human? Their aptitudes are altered with the incorporation of the technological device, which means…

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What is the internal functioning of a blockchain?

A blockchain is a new way of transferring data. It’s encoding, more complex than the ones known up to now, allows this transfer to be much more secure. But, how will the blockchain affect us? What is a Blockchain A way to understand what it is, a blockchain is compared with the structure of a…

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