22-24 MAY 2018


Achieving digital leadership, conquering the market

Achieving digital leadership, conquering the market

No question, digital transformation is on the global table. Myriads of strategies and initiatives bloom within corporates with the aim to drive every single organization to its unique digital level in an effective and efficient way.

Companies across all industries are pursuing their own digital destinies, thus adapting differently to their own new business age, but commonly sharing the main powerful cornerstones that will make them succeed: Digital Culture Mindset, Digital Governance and Customer Engagement.

Looking closely, those Companies are not only facing many organizational digital challenges that need to be overcome, but also significant tech tools changes that are happening at the speed of light, in addition to having to deal with the agility to adapt and the capacity to foresee how their markets and their competitors will behave, as well as their own ability to turn their non-consumers to consumers. Only those companies mastering an integrated and agile digital cross-vision will win the race. Procrastination is no longer in play.

DES | Digital Business World Congress brings together leaders who are shaping the digital horizons worldwide, who envision the roadmap and guide their enterprises along the way, managing the uncertainty of the unexpected. They are shaping organizations into smart organizations, capable of turning innovation into real market impact, they have proven their ability to accelerate, rethink and move organizations, all in all inspiring us all with the power of their solid digital leadership.

Main leaders from top worldwide tech companies such as CISCO, IBM, Accenture, innovators and creators of our global technology pillars will share their powerful way of thinking about their technology-driven vision to embrace and sustain digital: ‘Revolutionizing Collaboration in a Digital First World’  by Jen Meggers (CISCO) and ‘Channeling innovation to business’ by Omar Abbosh (Accenture), both will inspirit clear models and frameworks to gain strategic advantages thanks to their organizations leadership perspectives.


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